Our Story & Mission

Debra Schwartz, Founder

Platinum Senior Networking chapter members strive to enrich the lives of seniors by promoting independence, peace of mind and security. We do this by providing specialized and collaborative local resources and services that contribute to the well-being of seniors through consultation, education, and community outreach. 

We strive to be the “go-to” resource for seniors, their families, and other senior industry professionals who need trusted and vetted service providers that operate with integrity, professionalism, knowledge and utmost care and respect for the seniors in their community. 

A message from our founder, Debra Schwartz:


I founded this network to serve an unfilled need in the senior market.  I’d been selling real estate for over 20 years and early on I received training and certification as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist.  At the time, I was in my 30’s and thought it was great information but it felt disingenuous to claim that I could be a seniors specialist at that age.  


Now, in my late 50’s with senior parents in their 80’s, I am beginning to see how to better serve this niche.  You see, a few years ago my Mom went in for routine outpatient surgery and it turned out to be anything but routine.  Thankfully, it all turned out ok.  But during her recovery, I quickly discovered that seniors and their families concerns are not always taken seriously by medical staff.  Senior patients are sent home on a moment’s notice to accommodations that need to be retrofitted overnight.  And spouses left at home during recovery are lonely, scared, and confused.  


While I can’t do much about today’s medical system, I was determined to do right by my senior clients and my family by becoming better informed and amassing local and vetted resources that could help with the myriad of needs my clients have when considering life’s opportunities.  My vision is to grow from one local chapter in Santa Clara County with dozens of resources to a multi-chapter organization that will support seniors and senior professionals across the Bay Area and beyond.