Platinum Senior Network Professionals

Platinum Senior Network is a resource for seniors, their families and senior industry professionals who need experienced service providers. Our members are selected for their integrity, professionalism, demographic knowledge and their demonstrated respect for seniors in their community.

Our community of members offer three main services. First and foremost, our goal is to provide centralized resources for seniors who need assistance or information. We do this through a tight knit group of collaborative members who understand how and when to serve the senior themselves and when to refer to another provider. Second, the group serves as an education and advisory committee to its group members. Members learn from each other about how to better serve the senior community and their families, and what role each professional in the group plays in serving senior clients. Finally, we participate in community service projects that directly impact the senior community each year.


Professional members are passionate about protecting and serving the senior community. The Platinum Senior Network members share these values:

For a complete list of our core members, visit our Members Page.


The Platinum Senior Network does not offer any products or services directly to the public. All products and services are offered through individual members and their respective businesses. Platinum Senior Network has not conducted any detailed background checks and makes no representations regarding its’ members or the quality of the service they provide. All members expressly disclaim responsibility for any products or services provided by any other members. You are responsible for your choice of service providers. Carefully interview members, ask for and check references, and otherwise carefully assess your choice before conducting business with a member.