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“There are many senior women who rely on their husbands to handle the financial aspect of the marriage. When the husband passes away, the wife is left with picking up the responsibilities of her spouse. This happened a few years ago with a client whose husband always came in and took care of the taxes. When he passed away, she called to set up the tax appointment and was very nervous about how to proceed. I went to her home and assisted her in going over the paperwork she would need to file her taxes. She calls anytime she has questions or even to confirm if a phone message she received is a scam. Sometimes she asks if it is ok for her daughter or son-in-law to come with her when she visits our office and of course they are always welcome. Knowing that I can put someone at ease and that they know they can count on me to be there for them is an added benefit to me.”

Sandy Sparkman, EA & Certified Senior Advisor @ Sparkman and Company

I often work with seniors and the adult children of elderly parents who are taking over financial and caregiving responsibilities when their parents no longer wish to or are unable to handle these things. I review their insurance plans, especially their Medicare insurance coverage to make sure they have the best plan for their current or changing needs. If they have not made final arrangements, I offer them planning assistance and competitive coverage.

In a recent case, 91-year-old Mrs. R wanted to make things easy for her children at the time of her passing. We put her wishes in writing and set up a prearrangement plan that only required a phone call from her children at her death. She was also contemplating downsizing, and I was able to connect her with my vetted colleague, Mike Scoggin, who knows of all the senior communities in Santa Clara County and can recommend the residences that fit her priorities. In addition, I gave her the contact information for veteran Senior Realtor, Debra Schwartz, who specializes in the unique needs of seniors who are contemplating selling the home. Mrs. R was an artist and had collected many valuable paintings, sculpture, and art objects over the decades. She was very happy that I was able to refer her to Sharon Catalan, who specializes in appraisals and liquidating the physical property of an estate.

Working with the Platinum Senior Network members can be a valuable experience that coordinates the many services that seniors and their families require in later life pre-planning. It’s comforting to know that you are dealing with vetted compassionate professionals with years of experience in their fields.

Terry Nellis, Lic # 0B34273, Terry Nellis Insurance Services

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