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Our Mission

Platinum Senior Networking chapter members mission is to enrich the lives of seniors by promoting independence, peace of mind and security. Our members do this by providing specialized and collaborative local resources and services that contribute to the wellbeing of seniors through consultation, education, and community outreach.

Our Members

Chapter members are independent business professionals who serve as a resource to the senior community and to each other's clients. We provide brainstorming and advice to each other and get involved in community projects focused on benefiting seniors.

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Would you like to be part of a community of dedicated professionals committed to enriching the lives of seniors, and mastermind with others to help you grow your business? Platinum Senior Network is welcoming new members.

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How to Use the Platinum Senior Network

Platinum Senior network is comprised of business members who collaborate closely to provide appropriate solutions to senior clients and their families. When you contact or choose to work individually with any member, they try to consider all your needs in a comprehensive manner.



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Our Services

Our members offer a variety of skills and professional services for seniors and they are passionate about serving the senior community.

Aging In Place

Moving & Organizing

Legal & Tax Planning

Financial & Insurance Planning

Care Solutions

Housing & Real Estate

Network of Senior Services


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The Platinum Senior Network does not offer any products or services directly to the public. All products and services are offered through individual members and their respective businesses. Platinum Senior Network has not conducted any detailed background checks and makes no representations regarding its’ members or the quality of the service they provide. All members expressly disclaim responsibility for any products or services provided by any other members. You are responsible for your choice of service providers. Carefully interview members, ask for and check references, and otherwise carefully assess your choice before conducting business with a member.